"I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them."
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You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

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Today is Racist Fuckery (10.20.14): At yesterday’s protest outside the St Louis Rams game, racist fans got rowdy and physical. Who got arrested? Two of the protesters, of course. Mike Brown means we have to fight back. #staywoke

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White people will scream diversity within white culture like being dutch or french or german but will be the first to scoff at the thought of asian people not being a monolith group.

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I’m so impressed by girls who can put together a really cute outfit and do their hair and makeup really nice every single day like if I manage to shower and eat breakfast it’s a damn victory

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Making Your Own Survival Tin

Here are the specific items I recommend placing in your Altoids or similar sized tin:

  1. Ritter Mk5 CRKT Knife (comes with an Altoids size storage tin): Perhaps the most important item in your kit. This excellent little knife can be used for constructing a shelter, hunting, skinning, a ferro rod striker, and for self-defense.
  2. Nano LED Mini-Flashlight: A great little flashlight. LEDs provide more light and consume less power than traditional lights. Can also be used for signaling. 
  3. Emergency Water Bag (1 Quart): Water is critical as you can only live three days without it. Yes, this item takes up a lot of room in your tin, but it provides an effective way to collect water from natural sources like lakes and streams.
  4. Water Purification Pills (4 ea):  Each pill sterilizes 1 liter of water. Remember to wait the required amount of time for the bacteria to be killed. 
  5. Compass, Button Size: Navigational aid for those who are directionally challenged and for those who are in bad weather and/or poor visibility.
  6. Matches, waterproof (6 ea): Fire is absolutely vital in a survival situation. It can keep you warm, cook your food, sterilize your drinking water, and can be used as another source for light at night. Having a fire is also good for morale and if you’re in a survival situation, that can be pretty important.
  7. Match Striker: Needed to light your matches.  
  8. Cotton Tinder (3 ea): A great fire starting aid. 
  9. Spark-Lite Firestarter (Orange): Another great source for starting fires. Can start 1,000 fires.
  10. Vargo Titanium Whistle:  A durable signaling device to call for help. 
  11. P-38/51 Can Opener: Can also be used as a small cutting tool, ferro rod striker, or flat-bladed screw driver. 
  12. Tin Foil: Can be used in cooking, for signaling, for collecting water, or as a drinking cup.
  13. Duct Tape: A multipurpose gem and a MacGyver favorite. Duct tape can be used for repairs, restraining, affixing, and attaching. It’s use is limited only by your imagination.
  14. Fishing Kit: Small assortment of hooks and sinkers. You gotta eat and being able to fish may help with the boredom, too.
  15. Fishing Line, 20ft (bobbin): Can be used not only for fishing, but also for clothing repairs, and for stitching up deep cuts.  
  16. Alcohol Wipes (1 ea): For cleaning wounds and as a fire starting aid. 
  17. Band Aid (1 ea): For cuts, abrasions, and blisters.
  18. Butterfly sutures (1 ea): For closing up cuts and wounds. 
  19. Needle: For digging out deep splinters and along with a little fishing line can be used to stitch up wounds and repair clothing.  
  20. Benadryl (2 ea): Allergy season can be rough! Also great for allergic reactions to stings. 
  21. Imodium AD (1 ea): For when you get a bad case of the runs from bad food or water. 
  22. Aleve (2 ea): Pain Killer and Relaxer. 
  23. Safety Pin: Perfect for securing items to your clothing, removing deep splinters, and for making temporary repairs to clothing.
  • Ranger Band: Essentially a giant rubber band cut from an old bicycle inner-tube and used to secure the tin. Can be used as a small tourniquet or as part of a sling-shot. 

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Before We Embrace Gwen Stefani’s Comeback, She Owes Us An Apology
Time Magazine says that it’s about time that Gwen Stefani apologizes for her infamous “Harajuku Girls” (the ones that Margaret Cho compared to blackface at the time). Read the full article at Time.com


Before We Embrace Gwen Stefani’s Comeback, She Owes Us An Apology

Time Magazine says that it’s about time that Gwen Stefani apologizes for her infamous “Harajuku Girls” (the ones that Margaret Cho compared to blackface at the time). Read the full article at Time.com
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